Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Laughter is good for everyone!

Like many of you I always enjoy a good laugh even at my own expense.
I had a wonderful friend who loved to always play jokes on anyone who walked talked or breathed.Hobie,yes that was his name,actually Hobart but we called him Hobie, was known for jokes and pranks all the time.
I bought a house across the street from where they were living. This was after our friendship grew.
Anyway I often found it strange that when I would go away and close my garage door when I got home it was open or visa versa. This was happening so often I was starting to question my sanity.I never said anything to anyone in fear of them thinking I need shock therapy.You know that Brian is really strange he thinks his garage door goes up and down when he is not home. What a nut case he is!!! (Well I do admit I am a little crazy too).
Finally one day Hobie said to me, after you left I saw your garage door opening up, and you were not around.He went on to say yeah some kids were driving bye and had an opener I think they were doing it.I just blew it off and said I was wondering but just was not sure thinking I maybe had not closed the door. I went on to say to Hobie that I had heard of airplanes also flying over and sending out some frequency that could also be doing this.Hobie could not hold back any longer he started laughing and laughing and fessed up. It seems if he was outside and saw me leave the house in my car he would quickly walk across the street and open my garage door as one of his many pranks.
Hobie and his wife have since moved away and I seldom have contact with them any more but i cherish the memories we shared.
Hobie and Kathy also stood by my side when I battled depression. I was not always to nice to them but when I asked why he stayed my friend when I could be so nasty and say such hurtful things to him, he just hugged me and said because I knew there was a great guy trying to get out. That is a true friend.


libgran said...

Good friends are rare that's for sure. They say (whoever they are) that in a lifetime if a person finds only one or two good friends they are very lucky indeed! I look around and see so many people who are lonely and alone and I feel so sad. I have been blessed by lots of good friends. Brian I count you among them.

Beckyb said...

What a great idea Mr. Brian - don't be surprised if you come home and find your garage door up!!! Hey, Let's do it to Sue!!!

Steffie B. said...

Yes....I've done those kind of things to the older kids before when they were younger! Gave me a great laugh from inside the house! And your post gave me great laugh too.....but truth be known....we already know that you are a little goofy.....that's why we all come to you blog! lol

Emmie said...

lol! I love your funny stories