Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Should have ben named Trouble

I love my dog Charlie very much, and he has brought much entertainment into my home since I saved his life when adopting him from the pound.It did not take me long to realize why he was at the Humane Society.He can look at you with those big brown eyes and make you smile. But he can get into more trouble then I could have ever imagined.
I remember one particular time some years ago. I had run across the street to a friends house for a few minutes.Since I was not going to be gone long I did not close Charlie in a room like I normally do when I leave the house. Big Big mistake!!!!! In the 15 minutes I was gone he got into a package of Oreo cookies on the kitchen counter pulled them off the counter and onto the floor.He then proceeded to eat almost the entire package and or hide the cookies through out my house.Yes I found cookies in the couch cushions,under a large pillow in my bay window,in a chair and under pillows in my bed.Maybe he was thinking putting them under my pillow in bed would give me a midnight snack if I wanted one.
Yes he often gets into things yet and he is maybe around 12 years old.
I can not imagine life with out a dog and I know when he goes to dogie heaven he will be replaced.Well maybe not replaced because I hope my next one is a little calmer then Charlie.
Yes Charlie is my baby just like Buster is Sue's baby.
Dogs never ask for money,ask to borrow the car,keep you up late wondering when and if they will be home. And the best reason for a dog is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!!!! THEY ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE YOU NO MATTER HOW CRABBY YOU ARE.1


libgran said...

Boy, you know dogs! Who would want to live without them?? I can't believe I went through my married life without a dog living in my house! Outside a lot, but never in. I missed too much. Never fear, Buster is helping me make up for what I've been missing. What a joy!

Beckyb said...

I love it Brian - yes, I agree, pets are WONDERFUL!!! I need to meet your pup - I think I'd like him!!! :)

Emmie said...

Sounds like you sure do love your doggie!!! I'm sure you are a great doggie dad!! ;)

Dannye said...

isn't it funny how dogs are kinda like children???

Steffie B. said...

Yes, pets can be great. My kitty is on my lap as I blog! lol