Monday, March 19, 2007

The Preacher's Wife

Picture it, it is a bright sunny day.Things are going great!!1Your day has been good, residents are in a good mood.Your coworkers are happy.Then it happens!!!!!
You enter the room of a pastor's wife.They served in churches for years.She was the model preacher's wife.She loves to sing,she recites scriptures.There is only one major problem......She is demented as can be.
If you think back this is the women who said after I asked if she wanted to wear my Santa hat...."No God Damn it,Jesus is the reason for the season.She has also called me a damn fool in the past.
Today was again no exception.She was in one of her sailor talking moods.We have a student nurse who is doing her preceptor with us and she was working with preacher's wife today too.The student also works as an aid so she is aware of this ladies behaviors.Preacher's wife called this gal a stupid idiot and told her to shut the hell up.LOLOLOl I was pushing her to a meal today in her wheel chair and she was yelling at me to slow down, slow down you damn fool.(By the way I was not going fast).I just LOVE when Preacher's wife says these things.I guess the thought of a pastor's wife talking this way makes me laugh.
I think I know why she does this.She is really perfectly fine,no dementia, no problems at all. what it is is years and years of pented up anger and frustrations of being the pastor's wife and not being able to say what she wanted to.So now she pretends to be demented and all is OK. Everyone says OH she does not know what she is saying,she has dementia.Nope not at all she is just letting out what was held in for years and years of being nice to everyone.LOLOLOLOLOL OK maybe not but I always say if you say nasty things to people someone will say..... they do not know what they are saying.It's dementia.
I'm kidding I know many of these people would be shocked if they knew how and what they were doing and saying.I've known some of these people for years and they were the kindest nicest people you could ever meet.


Steffie B. said... just may be right! Pent up swearing! I don't know if it's funny or not! ;)

Beckyb said...

Hope it's not true or I'll be a cussing fool at that age - you better be there to tell me not to talk that way!!!!

libgran said...

Brian, you are soooo nice. You have the best thoughts about people. Thank you. When I had my first baby and was in quite a bit of "pain" I did the swearing thing too. It embarrasses me to no end to even remember it. I think I might probably be like pastor's wife when I hit nursing home age. Oh dear.