Monday, April 2, 2007

Please say a prayer or two or three.

As I had said on my last post there is a chance for a job change for me.
I had an interview today at the Dialysis Center in Hospers, a town about 15 minutes away.The interview went VERY VERY well. The gal who interviewed me was the same one who hired me for the job I have now and had called me to tell me to apply for this one.I would be a Dialysis Tech.I would work 3 12 hour shifts a week. Monday Wednesday and Friday.No weekends no major holidays.( that is the best part!!!!!)
I know it would be a lot to learn and changes are always scary.However the not lifting and dealing with demented people would be nice.But the what would I blog about.
It is not yet a done thing as she has one more interview to do.I was told I should hear this week.
Please pray thay God paints a clear picture for what i am to do. i feel he has opened this door out of the clear blue and I should follow.However there is always that question of what if???I will let you know when I know an answer.
Thanks for the prayers!!!!! Brian

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