Sunday, December 31, 2006

What is that white stuff outside?

Well folks it does still know how to snow in Iowa.This is our first REAL taste of snow this season.
What a wonderful sight to see the freshly fallen snow.No more brown grass to look at.
I do understand those who do not enjoy it tho. I know I do not care to drive in this weather. Slippery roads are no fun.I am just lucky I only am about 6-8 blocks from work.I know some of you are thinking but everything is 6-8 blocks in Orange City. NOT TRUE!!!! it could be up to a mile depending on what side of town you live on.
Back to the snow....It was so much fun to come home and see 100's of foot prints in the snow all around my house from all the neighborhood children playing in the first snow of the season. Hearing there laughs and squeals of excitement brings back memories of how I could play for hours outside after it snowed. I would sled down the alley on my sled. Or I could be found playing on the biggest snow pile sledding down that or just digging in it.
I still enjoy the snow,however I think I would enjoy it more if it stayed off my sidewalks and driveway. I guess some day when a mystery person leaves me my millions of dollars I can have heated sidewalks and driveways. Or I guess if I had millions I would be able to hire it done or be on some Tropical Island having pretty women bring me ice tea and ... well I best not go there. It will never happen.
I have to go play in the snow now!!!!! Becky have you gone to play in it yet?


Emmie said...

Well, I'm glad you got a little snow in Iowa, but no sign of snow here in Michigan. Not yet anyway, hopefully sometime soon. Oh, and I found the top ten reasons to have a happy new year at....
Or just go to google and type that in (top ten reasons to have a happy new year). Pretty easy! Well, got to go now! Have a great new year!

Beckyb said...

Hey - why didn't you call before you went out to play - I had four that wanted to play too!!! Yes - I've been out - but not playing - just taking pictures and then shoveling - YES - I shoveled!!