Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Santa Hat

One of my most favorite laughs happened around this time last year. I was at work and trying to be in the festive holiday spirit. I had on my blinking bow tie and my santa hat.
Not wanting to keep the jolly santa hat to myself I ask one of the residents if they wanted to wear my hat.It just so happened that the resident I chose happened to be a retired pastors wife, and plesently confused.
I went up to her and asked Wilma (made up name as I may not use actual names.)"Wilma would you like to wear my Santa hat for a while?"
To my shock as well as those standing around her reply was,"NO you God damn fool, Jesus is the reason for the season."With that reply it not only left me speechless (and that seldom happens), but also with a good laugh for a long long time to follow.
As I said before please do not take offence to these posts.
Hope you got a big a laugh over this as I did.
Mr. Brian


Beckyb said...

A pastor's wife too - I love it!! I don't know how you don't keep from laughing all year long over there. Hey - I want to see the get-up sometime - dare you to wear it to church!!!!!

Steffie B. said...

I think I might be speechless too!