Friday, December 22, 2006

Little bits of the day.

Yesterday at work they had a Christmas party for our residents> It was sponsered by a local business and a TV station from the area.It was so much fun to see the residents smile as they opened there gifts.They were having a truely wonderful time.... well most of them were.
One of the ladies will be celebrating her 105th birthday on Sunday December 24.
What a joy she still is to all of us.She has got a wonderful smile and a twinkle in her eyes that could warm the coldest of hearts.She loves to chat although she is hard of hearing.She will talk on and on about her younger years and her getting married in her 40's to a man who's wife passed away and she was a mother to 6 kids.
She loves to tell you about her love for dogs and always adds her husband did not allow her to have one. She always says " I think he was jelious".
Her Christmas gift was a stuffed dog her only comment was.. "I wish it were alive".
It was wonderful to see how a comunitee reached out to support these residents and make sure they had a happy holiday.

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