Friday, December 22, 2006

A is for Age.
I am 47 and have decided 50 is no longer old
B is for beer. Has to be very cold
C is for career. Nurse Aid at local nursing homes
D is for dog . As a child we had Tuffy.Spoiled but not so tuff. Now I has a naughty spoiled Yorkie named Charlie
E is for Essential item I use every day. Has to be latex gloves, see job and no further explanation needed.
F is for favorite TV show. Any Lucy shows

G is for favorite game
I am not much of a game player however I recently played jerk and found that fun. Maybe it was just the people I played it with.
H is for hometown
Orange City
I is for Instruments I play
LOLOLOL me musical?
J is for favorite juice
Tomato or orange
K is for whose butt I like to kick
Lazy co-workers, and crabby people.
L is for last place I ate
The Hatchery in Orange City
M is for marriage
Been there, done it,did not work out.. next question.
N is for my name
Brian Jay
O is for operation
Knee scoped.
P is for People I was with today
Let see... 45 people over 75, co-workers, and the Bilbys for a while so Becky could show me computer stuff.
Q is for quote
Never eat yellow snow.

R is for biggest regret Getting married when I knew I should not have.
S is for sport
If you could see this body you would know sports is NOT a part of my life.
T is for time I woke up today
4:50 a.m. Did you see tht Becky.
U is for current underwear.Whittie tighties
V is for vegetable you love
Corn or maybe carrots
W is for worst habit
A worst habit, I have no bad habits.Ok Worring, and eating to much
X is for x-rays I've had
Y is for Yummy food you ate today
T bone steak.
Z is for zodiac
I am a Libra. However I do not follow it to much. I am always told I will have a new love enter my life. Not sure I am wanting that. I am also told financial wealth will improve and that has not happened yet either.

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Beckyb said...

You make me laugh you nut!!!! Way to go though - you're a good sport to play along!!