Friday, December 29, 2006

I may be crazy for wishing this, but I sure am wishing the temperatures would drop about 10 degrees so we could get a snow storm. This is crazy getting all this rain in December, after all I am in IOWA. Who ever heard of all this rain in December. I am not in Florida I am in IOWA.

Now do not get me wrong I would never want what Denver has been getting that is a little to much. But I do not think wishing for maybe 6-8 inches is not asking for to much.

I am not just thinking of myself but these 100's of children who want to play with there new sleds they got from Santa.What a let down it has to be for them.

So all of you folks, lets think S N O W!!!!!!!!!!!


Steffie B. said...

We are in MI and do not have an inch of snow either. Emmie is dying to take Sophia out and play in it. So ok, I'll wish for a little snow with you as well! :) Just a little, though!

Emmie said...

I am dying for it to snow as well! I can't stand it! :) I wish we could have had a white Christmas!

Beckyb said...

I even wanted what Denver got!!! You know me - I love a good blizzard - ok, maybe tomorrow we'll get some snow???!?!?