Sunday, December 24, 2006

True Confessions

I know I have shared this with some of you before, but being Christmas it is a fun one to share again.

OK admit it I bet some of you have done this too. Now be honest. As a child waiting to open presents was more then I could stand. Every year packages under the tree was more temptation then a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies.( And I loved them too).So being a typical boy and child I decided that shortly before Christmas I was sick and needed to stay home from school.With the house empty and only myself with all the presents I took action.Careful not to tear any of the wrapping paper I began my task. Of course I knew where MY packages were after I had been checking them out for days.I made my move opening the end of the package to reveal what was inside. MY excitement mounted as I carefully looked at the end of the box. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! a new race car set, I had been wanting one for a long time. (However I also think my dad was too). Now came the task of tapeing it shut again. I tried to retape with the old tape but no luck, I would need to get more tape to hide my nasty deed. I went to the drawer where I thought I would find the tape. The key word there is thought, because there was non there. So I went to the desk again no luck. I am thinking what am I going to do I've got to get this taped shut again before mom comes home.Trying to think of an option I finally thought maybe glue would work. Thank goodness for good ole Elmer. Elmer's glue use # 1937463. hide evidence of a naughty boy.

I must say,that Christmas opening presents was not as fun and I do not remember ever doing it again.

Now the big question should I tell my parents about this tonight some maybe 40 years later??????I'll keep you posted.


Steffie B. said...

Absolutely tell them. They will probably get the biggest laugh! And who knows, maybe the laugh will be on you?!?!? Mom's know EVERYTHING! :)

Mr.Brian said...

I told em, mom just shock her head and said. I knew when you were fakeing sick.
Mom's always know

Emmie said...

That's funny! Sounds like something a little boy would do! You have lots of interesting and funny Christmas stories/memories to share!