Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Left me speachless.

Picture it , new kid at work, quiet, shy and not sure what he is doing.OK so maybe the quiet is stretching things a little.
Anyway this memory was maybe a little should I say embarrassing for me.
I could not have been working at the nursing home for more then a month when I was walking one of the lady residents.Trying to do as told I was making conversation with this lady as I was walking her.I asked her ,"and how are you today?"
Imagine my shock when she replied,"well I've got my period," Not thinking I had heard her correctly I asked her to repeat herself.BIG MISTAKE!! Yes I heard her correctly, she repeated what she had said before.She continued to say "I thought I was done with that but I guess not." By now I was red as a tomato and did not know what to say.It seems when the gals checked her "PAD" as we call them or diaper she thought she was having her pad changed.
I was by now laughing and the other staff was too,however I am not sure if they were laughing at me or at her. I think maybe a little of both. After that day I decided if I could survive that I could survive almost anything.
You see there are very few men who do this kind of work. Maybe I know why after that day.


Emmie said...

lol! Oh Mr. Brian you do have a lot of interesting and funny stories about your work at the nursing home! I love to hear them!

Steffie B. said...

There is NO DOUBT....that you have the most hilarious blog! :)