Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hope you are up for it.

Hear I go,my first attempt at blogging.
I hope to be able to share humor and advice from my work in the nursing homes.I've got many past humor to pass along and I only hope you will find them as interesting as I did.
Please do not be offended in any way by these,remember elderly are just like kids...... they say what they think.
Mr. Brian


Beckyb said...

You are a genius over there, Mr. Brian - I can't wait to hear more....

Sherry DeJong said...

Brian, my brother, my hero. I've seen you in action.You give these people joy,caring,laughs,and love. That's what we all want and need. I have the greatest respect and appreciation for you. Will you take care of me too, little brother. I should be so lucky. I love you, Sherry Mae