Monday, December 25, 2006

Only if your hair is on fire

Yes that is a picture of a fire. Now let me explain!!
Shortly after I started there was a resident who took a special liking to me. It so happens she was the (take me to my room lady.)She was on old maid librarian no less,(sorry Becky).
It seemed that when ever I was working she was constantly on her call light. The other aids said she only was this bad when I was there.She would pull her call light in hopes that I would come into her room to help her.As I would enter the room she would great me with a smile. I would ask her what she needed and she would just smile and say "I want my call light". OK folks now think about this...... she must have had it in order for me to go into her room. I would kindly say you have the call light in your hand. Next time she would ring it would be "I want more blankets or please read me scripture." If time allowed I would read some to her.
One day was extra bad with her ringing. We were trying to get residents down for a nap after lunch and so we could go have our lunch too. Within a matter of five minutes I think she had rang at least three times. Getting a little frustrated I went into her room and said" what do you need"? With nothing needed she said... yes, "give me my call light". I told her again she had it and said to her trying to sound serious.. "I only want you to ring if your hair is on fire"!!!!!I then turned and walked out of the room thinking I had made my point.Not more the 1-3 minutes later her light was again going. I marched in there and in a not so patient tone asked her , "IS your hair on fire?" to which she replied, "YES"!!!
Needless to say I turned of her call light and left the room laughing.
Residents 25 Brian 0. They had me again.
Now you know why I an crazy you have to be to work there. Laugh it off works best.


Steffie B. said...

You must be quite the Try not to cause so much trouble!

Emmie said...

lol, looks like that lady was really on to you! :)

Beckyb said...

This is one of my favorites - hoped you would post it!! By the way - nice tie you had on on Sunday - you "flashy" guy you!!!