Monday, December 25, 2006


Here I go again,I've just got so many things to share from working at the nursing home. This one again is about the take me to my room lady. She was by far one of the most entertaining residents we had.
It was Thanksgiving morning ,my first Thanksgiving of working in the nursing home and also my first time working a holiday. Before this I had a job that I had all holidays off.
I had gone into her room to help her and to get her out of bed. Trying to be cheerful, I wished her a happy Thanksgiving and asked her what she was thankful for.To my joy and excitement she responded "BRIAN"!!!!Being new I was overjoyed and flattered that someone was actually thankful for me. I quickly called one of my co-workers into the room and said,"Amy listen to this," turning to Sadie I said, "tell Amy what you are thankful for".With a smile on my face and beaming I awaited her answer only to hear her reply,"MY CALL LIGHT!!!: feeling rejected and with Amy laughing I asked again,"and what else?"This time I got another answer..."Jesus"By now Amy was laughing so hard and I was standing with my head hung low feeling like a fool. Not to be outdone or made a fool of I made one last attempt." Sadie" I asked, are you thankful for me?" A weak yes, came from her lips, but at least she said it.
Again it proves my theory of kids and elderly are a lot alike. When you want then to repeat something they will not do it.
That my friends is why my job never lacks excitement.

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Beckyb said...

We're thankful for you too, Brian - you make us laugh!!!