Monday, February 5, 2007

It must be the moon

You always hear it but is it realy true? It must be a full moon, the kids are acting up, the dog is driving me crazy,I've got more pain,the demented are acting up more.Now I do not know about the kids, but I can tell you the others are true.
The residents in the nursing home go way crazy when there is a full moon.Or maybe I should say the staff in the nursing homes go crazy when there is a full moon.
Until I started working in the nursing home I would have never thought that the moon could effect a person the way it does. It did not take long to find out how true it is.
When it is a full moon they will wander more then normal, trying to leave the building.They will be more likely to look for dead family members,(spouses,parents).One lady thinks we are pumping fumes into her room through the heater to try and kill her, this is when we are not busy sticking needles into her feet to try and kill her as well.I am not sure if this is done before or after we steal all her wonderful good clothes from the closet.I must have lots and lots of clothes in my closets by now for as many times as I am accused of taking the clothes home.( Hmmm I did not think I was a cross dresser but I am starting to wonder).
We have yet an other resident whom will just make crazy sounds and talks nonsence.
I joke about this and laugh but in reality it is truely sad.To see you mom or dad or some loved one just fall to this terrible illness. It can be funny for us but also very frustrating and upsetting. There are the happy confussed and then there are the mean ones.
Soooo I urge all of you to take part in any and all of the silly quizes that are often posted on other blogs. It keeps the mind young.
I now ask that Becky to post a test for all of us to keep our minds working well like she has in the past.
Becky I am counting on you!!!!!
I also feel better today and work went better then I thought it would.


Beckyb said...

Oh Brian - you tax my brain - but I'll try!!!

Steffie B. said...

OK....I can see both points here.....but you did give me a good laugh this morning! Oh and I loved the picture you posted on the guestbook. I scolded Becky for keeping you all to herself! lol

Emmie said...

Glad you're feeling better! Interesting point of view you have towards the full moon!

libgran said...

I have always wondered whether it would be better to be old and invalid, i.e. not able to get out or do anything that consumed you as it did when you were young (my mother in law was in this category) or to be old and stuck with alzheimer's or some sort of dementia where you don't know anyone or even where or what you're doing, but you're perfectly healthy (my grandmother) and live to be 95! Yikes. Hope I don't have to make a choice like that.