Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snow Storm

Things have been a little dull as far as work has been.I had no good laughs at work today, other hen the lady who changed clothes 3 times before noon and when I left work was wearing a dress with slacks under it with white socks and white canvas tennis shoes. I guess she heard about the weather and wanted to be dressed for it.
Yes the weather... Becky should be happy.We had a mixture of rain freezing rain today and now it has changed over to snow.
On the news tonight the weatherman said we could get up to 12 inches in Orange City.And the winds are to pich up too.Now I could truely enjoy this a lot more if it was not my weekend to work.However even if I had it off I am sure I would have gotten a call because of some poor damsil in destress who could not make it in.
And I understand I would not want to endanger my life to make it to work either. However we are always told plan ahead even if it means staying at the nursing home over night.
Since I only live about 6 blocks from both places I think if need be I can walk.
Sorry this was such a dull post but when you live a dull life posts are dull.Thank goodness for the residents.
I will try thinking of some more life experiances to share too.
Hope your weekend is good.


Steffie B. said...

I don't think any of your posts are dull. I enjoy reading about whatever you want to post about! ;) I hope that snow doesn't come our way.....I hate it....I am ready for warm weather. I feel like a fat cow right now. Motivation to get to the gym will kick in soon since we leave for Maui near the end of March. My nightmare in life......bathing suits! Isn't it every woman's nightmare???

Mr.Brian said...

Dear if you saw me in a swim suit you would see why i am called Buffalo Belly!!!!!LOLOL

libgran said...

I never find your posts dull. Still, I wouldn't want to walk to work in this weather even if it was only 6 blocks. I walked 2 blocks to work when it was 11 below and believe me that was nasty. With this ice underneath you could end up with a broken...anything!

Beckyb said...

LOVING this stuff Brian - but it is messin' with my plans - we travelled all the way to Minneapolis and now are stuck here and the Chinese New Year may be cancelled - hmph!!!!