Sunday, February 11, 2007

The call light

One of the gals I work with called me into a residents room today.As I entered she was waiting for me and motioned for me to be quiet.( Something that is not often happenening with me as I am know to be a motor mouth).
As we were waiting in her room the resident would take her call light like the ones to call for assistance wanting a nurse or nurse aid.As she would push the button she would talk into the call light saying .... Hello this is Wilma may I have help please.This is Wilma Black I need some help in my room I cannot get up myself.Please come and help me. This is Wilma I need some help please. (At least she is polite).
I thought I was going to fall over laughing it was so cute and yet so very funny.Had I not seen it with my own eyes I never would think she truely was doing that.
I guess she thinks they are also a telephone connected to the nurses station.Maybe this will not make you laugh as much as it did me but I thought I would share anyway. hope you all have a good week.Be safe and stay healthy..


Beckyb said...

You should have grabbed your walkie-talkie and said, "We got your call - we are on our way!!!" :)

Steffie B. said...

That's funny.....your stories are great! You have a great week too!

Emmie said...

Love it!! Your daily stories of working at the nursing home are so funny!

Steffie B. said...

Mr. Brian....I think you are the only one that is up as early as me! lol

Anonymous said...

I work in a nursing home also. We had a patient do the same thing except she would talk into the call bell and put a reguest in for her supper!!! tooo cute, they never got her order correct. we could not make her understand that we didnt take orders.. I love the sweet old peeps!!!