Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A singel man's view

Tell me why it takes February 14 to tell someone you love them and to send them flowers?
I personally think it would mean more if I got a nice card a box of candy or balloon's on lets say March 11.Is it just a man thing or do I make sense?Why do we need a special day to do something special for those we love? I think it should be a just because thing, not because Hallmark tells us to.If I am wrong please explain to me ladies I try to be an understanding man. Do you agree would it be nicer to get those flowers just out of the blue, or a card saying I love you when it is not expected.
The pools are now open......LOLOLOL
Happy Valentines day anyway!!!
From Mr.Non Cupid!!!


Steffie B. said...

Ok.....I agree with you! Would you like my address? I personally like an assortment of flowers! No chocolate necessary! ;)

libgran said...

This is all a commercial thing. More flowers...more money. Flowers especially roses, are expensive. That's a good thing for the flower growers and sellers. Now for a way to market the flowers..hmmm. Oh, I know lets have a day when the guy has to send flowers. It's required by the culture. And Voila! there you have it. Valentine's Day. Pretty slick. (But it is nice to get flowers once in awhile.)

Beckyb said...

Well Mr. Brian - it's really a day made for me- Joe is ALWAYS thoughtful, romantic, etc. Now me, on the other hand, I need Valentine's Day to remind me to be romantic - oops - I even forgot this year holiday and all- poor Joe!!!