Monday, February 26, 2007

Lucky me.

Mondays are often known to be hohum dull nothing exciting. We have to get into the work mode again. Back to work,schoolor what ever it is we have to do.So often when Monday is here it can sometimes bring a bad attitude.I was having a hohumm sort of a day to until I went to the grocery store. Each time you shop they give you a ticket and on Saturday afternoon they draw 4 tickets for a money give away.There is a jackpot that goes up $100.00 each week if not claimed and a $50.00 and two $25.00 tickets drawn each week.Now I must say the chances of winning are slim but I always hope that maybe just maybe I will hold that winning ticket.This week I did, I won $50.00 today.No conplaints from this man.I decided I am going to save it for now and treat myself to a nice dinner out some night.If there are any of you out there who would like to join me let me know.I am sure your husband or parent would not mind at all.LOLOL I think the $50 will have to be a pretty cheap date for two people but what the heck just being with such FUN company would be woth a trip to just Taco Johns.LOLOLOLOL
The weather man is talking of more snow headed our way again this week so I best not put the now blower away yet.
Hope all of you are well.Have a wonderful week and may the Lord bless you in a very special way.


Steffie B. said...

So sorry we live so far away Mr. Brian.....Emmie and I would have a great time hearing more nursing home stories from you and as you know by her blog....she loves Mexican food! Probably from all the bean burrito's I ate while pregnant with her! lol

Beckyb said...

Yoo Hoo - I'm raising my hand and saying "Pick Me, Pick Me!!!" Can you hear me?!?!? :) You lucky guy, you - I never win from those things- hey, you deserve it, you've lived here longer!!! I say, you grab one of your hotties from the nursing home and take her out - just not the one that thinks you're hot on her!!! :) LOL!!!

Joel said...

Hey Becky, he has "borrowed" some hotties from the nursing home before. Probably to go "cruise the loop"....LOL....just kidding Brian. But he has taken a few of them out for expeditions. As for winning the drawing, I'm jealous!! I've never won at Jansens! Must have to be an O.C. native to win....

Anonymous said...

Hooray for your win!

Any other 'pick me' people to go for dinner with you?

Sounds like fun - the more the merrier!