Monday, January 21, 2008

That is why I am returning.

When you are done reading this post I want you to go to the and watch the you tube video.It will touch your heart,I know it did mine.
As I listened to the man talk at the start of it it got me thinking.
He talks about a spouse who takes care of a loved one because of their wedding vows in sickness and in health.
As I heard those words it made me think of the dedication I saw when I worked in the nursing home and may well see again. I am talking about that husband or wife who faithfully comes everyday to be with their spouse.I think of one man who would come every day to see his wife.He would come mid afternoon and push her to the front lobby where they would just sit.He would then feed her supper (or dinner depending on where you live) here in Little old Iowa I call it supper.After that they would again go to the Freon lobby and watch wheel of Fortune. After that was over he would push her back to her room where he would read the bible and pray with her.She was unable to talk to him the last few years but he still talked to her like nothing was wrong. The love that shone was amazing.She was finally called home a few weeks ago. I am sure he is happy that she is at home with her maker but still misses her.And I forgot to mention this was both of their second marriages.
I also think of a wife who would cry as she talked to us seeing he husband the way he was. I would always reassure her I knew he would NEVER EVER do or say the things he was saying.So often when these people are called home I say a prayer of thanksgiving that they are now whole and fresh again.
Think about it the next time your husband (or wife) upsets you. When they say some hurt full things.If they leave a pair of socks on the floor or forget to throw the towel in the hamper.Think about how little that is compared to what these people went through.Think of how they would have loved to be picking up that pair of socks.
It is so sad when you think of the years of hard work before you retire. You retire and plan to travel, visit the kids, go see that friend from years ago. But then it happens.. he starts to repeat himself. Forgets where the car keys are, goes to town and can not find the car.Or forgets why he went to town and returns home. It can happen fast.
Look around and think of all the dedicated spouses out there.
I am not wanting a big thanks your great. But when you see a care giver, take time to tell them thanks. It means a lot. And if you have a parent or grandparent in a home, look at the dedicated spouse feeding their loved one.Give them a friendly smile and say God bless you for your unconditional love. in a silent prayer.
After all lets hope not but that could be us some day.
I plan on treating these people with love and respect the way I would want my parent to be cared for.
Blessing to you all.
May you be as blessed as I have been.


~Amy~ said...

That post really touched my heart. You are a great man and will get through this low and soon return to the high of life. I pray for you and you will get through it all!

Hugs to you!!!!! and a smoooch on the cheek ;)

(I wouldn't want to get yelled at by stef or crazylady! ;) )

BlueBella said...

Rock on! You do a job not many of us could handle, and see things not many of us could restate so eloquently. Well done. And I'm kinda partial to Iowa. Just a little bit:)

cougchick said...

You will be in your right place when you return to the NH. I just got done reading a book that made me think of you. It's called "Water for Elephants". Some of it takes place as the perspective of an old man in a NH who is starting to lose it. He finds one very compassionate nurse who "gets" him. The rest of the story is about him as a young man when he jumped a circus train and the adventure that ensues. I loved it.

K1 said...

Whether you are asking for it or not, "Thank You" Brian for having a heart to be a caretaker for those that so many people would shove aside and not notice.

God bless not only those spouses who wholeheartedly honor thier vows to love and cherish through the rough times, but God bless you too.

Hugs, and another smooch. To heck with Steffie and CrazyLady!!

Janet said...

You have indeed been blessed. ANd given the grace to see things that way. I loved that post. It really did touch me.

nikki said...

I'm so glad that you are going back into a profession where you are so very passionate! And, thanks for the reminder to let the little things slide with our spouses - I needed that today.
Now I'm off to watch the video.

OH MY #6 said...

All I can say is..OH MY! thank you.


Steffie B. said...

great post and I can't wait for you to return where you are ment to be! ;)


crazylady said...

Oh crap, and me and the huz have been duking it out. Must go make up now... *sigh*
Can I call you Mom now?

The Shocks said...

Thank you Mr. Brian

Tiffany said...

What a wonderful post. I am crying my eyes out but you are so right. A big thanks to caregivers and anyone who makes time to spend with people that need care and love!!!!!!

Rony said...

What a powerful post. Thank you for reminding us what love is really all about. I will try to be a better person starting tonight!

Smooches to you.

Denise C said...

You are an amazing person Mr. Brian.... with a huge heart for others!

I just hope that one day when I am in a nursing home.....that I'll have a "Mr. Brian" to care for me!

This profession is most definitely your calling from God! I praise Him that you answered His call and that you are loving on the precious elderly angels.

Sweet, Sweet blessings to you!!