Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Pictures


Mr Brian and Gavin celebrate Christmas


Mr Brian's Parents and Gavin.


crazylady said...

Your parents look so normal. What went wrong?


nikki said...

Hey Mr B! Glad to hear from you - your great nephew IS adorable...I'm sure he gave you a shot of happiness (along with Stef and Crazy Lady!)

Hope things get better at work...hang tough!

Also, my mom's name is Sherry...

Emmie said...

love the pics Mr. Brian! =]
hope u had a grat christmas!
happy new year! =]]

Janet said...

Great pictures!!!!!!

Beckyb said...

You gotta hang in there - AND pray hard. I am seeing light - FINALLY!!!! Hey - I love the pics - he is a cutie - by the way - you aren't old enough to have a great nephew, are you!?!?!

K1 said...

Very nice pics. Does that mean you got a digital camera for Christmas? I wrote a letter to Santa asking him to bring you one, but I don't know if I mailed it on time.