Monday, January 28, 2008

First day back

I just finished my first day back at the nursing home.I worked today for insurance reasons but plan on taking the rest of the week off.
It was just like riding bike, it all came back to me.
Other then there being many new residents and staff there it was like I never left.I was surprised how many of the residents remembered me.Not sure if they were good or bad memories but they did remember me.It was good to see them again and talk to them.
I have decided there are going to be many many good stories again.I found at least two who I know will keep me busy..:)!!
One lady insists she taught one of the staff in school.She says what a good student she was.Only thing is she NEVER had her for a student.If she would say she had me I dare bet the report would not be to good.I was not a perfect little student. I hated school and I did not apply myself.Unlike now I am sweet and innocent,not to mention humble too. Oh how I wish i could change that now.
Hope you have a great week. My plans are to hang out,clean,rest and relax and enjoy life.


~Amy~ said...

Good Mr. Brian!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the life that God has given us!! I'm so glad the first day back was good. You are always in my prayers!

Hugs and a big smooch!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great first day back! Enjoy your week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Those are some great plans! I'm glad that your first day was a good one.


i like theknock knock joke .. this has been a good post for me .. i have really needed a good laugh lately ... did you read the one my friend jamie left ?? her husband's pants disappeared in the middle of the night .. i laughed so hard at that one ... thanks for checking in ...

K1 said...

Back in the saddle again. Yee haw!

OH MY #6 said...



Steffie B. said... just tell those little old sweet ladies that you are taken! lol *wink*

Steffie B. said...
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