Friday, January 25, 2008

Many Thanks

No this is not Josie but does look like her.
I am feeling like a new person again. I am back to my chipper self. When I say I am great I mean it now.No more Dutch fronts as i call it.My first official day of not working at my OLD job.
I just want to again say thanks for letting me whine,complain and vent the last few weeks. And all that whine (wine) without any cheese and crackers for you. Sorry!!!!
All of your kind and encouraging words have meant so much to me.
I know through all of this I will become a better person.
I am off till Monday, work Monday then am taking the week off.Time for just me and the furry four legged kids.
Wishing you all a special weekend.You deserve it.


Lady L said...

Hurray - I'm glad the old Brian is back! Have a great weekend!

crazylady said...

What? A week off already? Are you visiting me?
Must go get all purdeee then. Give me say, three days?

I am sure this was the right decision for you. I will hold your hand (and wallet, amongst other unmentionables)
along this new journey. You're going to need someone strong enough to hold the torch with those old broads. Just don't go stealing any more panties from their drawers! I have heard about your sniffing collection.
So when do you come and give me a sponge bath?

K1 said...

Hey, we missed you at the chat this morning!

nikki said...

Glad you are feeling good as new!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

OH MY #6 said...

You too! Happy weekend.