Friday, January 4, 2008

Still kicking and breathing.

Hello to all my fans and thanks for all the kind words (except for those of you who used threats).I will say the idea of being spanked does make me smile.And any time Crazy Lady threatens you you do take note.
I am trying very hard to be up beat and happy however there is some major crud going on at work that has added EXTRA STRESS this week.
Let me just say I am keeping my eyes open.
I have tried and tried to open my pictures so I could post pictures of my great nephew who I must say is as cute if not even more cute them me.Gasp ohhh like that is possible.
I got to meet him for the first time at Christmas and he is 22lbs of sweet happy boy.Again like his great uncle.(well the sweet part not 22 lbs.)
Notice the new look????? Thanks Verna!!!!
OK now as I am writing I am perking up.Seems Crazy Lady has decided to give me the title as Woody from Cheers.Good news is Steffie is my girlfriend.I do not remember him ever having one but hey who am I to complain.And I was matched with my (FIRST) true blog girlfriend. I think maybe Simba a.k.a. Steffie finally got across to Crazy Lady.Oh the stress of having so many ladies want you!!!!
I will keep trying to get pictures of my great nephew posted, I may try asking a special lady to see if she can do it for me.
Again,thanks for all the support and kind and encouraging words (and threats).
I may need to see if I can come up with my own TV show like that crazy chick lady.


crazylady said...

Woody is slow, but cute.

His girlfriend is slow but gorgeous and sweet. Google it.

I look good in menthol.

Work is only Krow spelled backwards, so quit squawking. If you lose your job, I have few for you *wink*

See, I knew it was only a matter of time before you got out of rehab.Meet me over the mist of my vaporizer. I look sweaty! I was told guys think thats hot.

Missed you

~Amy~ said...

Glad to see you are gettin' more chipper! :) Gavin is such a doll!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

I just love it! Crazylady has a beautiful heart.
I have asked to be Norm but I don't have confirmation yet.
I am glad to see you more perky. I have been thinking about you!

The Shocks said...

Glad you are perking up. I hope things at work get better. And Gavin is so cute. You just want to squezze him.

crazylady said...

You have a new suitor on the block.
Her name is A2 otherwise known as anonymous#2 to differentiate her from all other anons. I know her well. I hope she starts a blog. She is GORGEOUS unfortunately. And blonde. You seem typecast your dates.
Just thought I'd let you know the Dynasty hairpulling is coming.

Steffie B. said...

First off, I'm not slow! I'll kick crazylady and A2 booty!
Bring it on baby!

Mr.Brian said...

You tell em girlfriend!!!
Crazy Chick did also tell me Woody's girlfriend is very rich and in real life models for Ralph Lauren.(not sure if I spelled that right.

K1 said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year.