Saturday, January 12, 2008


Amazing!!!Amazing is all I can say for all the kind words and encouragment I have gotten.
Things are still a little stressful but knowing the end is near makes it much better.
All of your kind words and prayers have sure been a great help to me. Just knowing better days are ahead makes it much better.
Again thanks!!!!
And now for the roles for my show.
It only makes sense to give the part of Andy to K 1 since she is in the police field already.
Opie is going to be played by Sue,Sue enjoys the outdoors like Opie did.
RedMaryJanes AKA Kimberley will be playing Floyd the barber.Floyd was always looking out for everyone else just like she does.
No question I will be Barney.Why you ask??? Because it is my show and I do not have to tell you why!!!!!
Aunt Bea goes to Janet, Janet seems to be the type who is always doing things for the family.
Thema Lou>>>> that was tough but since Amy asked she gets it.After all Thema Lou was a pretty lady just like Amy is.
I am thinking the role of Gober/Gomer goes to Steffie, only because they were screw balls and I think it fits Steffie just fine.After all I could see Gomer getting stuck in a slide at MC Donald's too.
Last the role of Clara the crabby and always persnickety friend of Aunt Bea without a doubt goes to Crazy Chick (sen).Because she said she wants the part of the crabby person.
I was amazed at how many have never seen the show.Do you folks live in the ice ages where there is no TV Land on your TVs????
Guess next time I better do a show that everyone knows.No there will be no next time.
Have a great weekend all, and again thanks for all the encouraging words.


~Amy~ said...

Oh Mr. make me **blush**

Thanks for the role and have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!

crazylady said...

I'm really hoping Clara sits on a the porch in a rocker with a shotgun.
That's one of my best looks.

So what are you sending me for Valentines Day?
crochety ol bag

Janet said...

Aunt Bea, huh? I just hope she's a stylin' chick....:-)


The Shocks said...

Mr. Brian, be sure to go check out my blog. There is a surprise there for you.

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much! I think that Floyd suits me well.

Sue said...

You gave me the perfect part! You're nutty, but that's what makes you the perfect neighbor. Thanks....

OH MY #6 said...

Too funny!

Steffie B. said...

so I'm the screw ball? Sheesh.....thanks Woody! lol


that was hilarious and boy did i need a laugh today ... i love all your sweet comments on my blog and when i visit my china family there you are ... what a blessing of humor, encouragement and prayer you have been to us all ... i know i don't stop by very often, but i do check in on you from time to time and boy did you peg Steffie and Kimberly just right ...

K1 said...

Last week at the Dialysis Center??