Saturday, June 30, 2007

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers

As I think of all of your families getting together next week I am so excited for all of you.You think back to a little over two years ago as all these couples met for the first time.It was God who brought all of you together for one very special reason.Each and every one of you were opening your hearts and homes to a child who needed a loving home with parents who would care for them and shower them with more love then they could have ever imagined.You had searched your heats and had many long late night talks with your spouse about if this was truly Gods plan for your family.Some of you had children of your own and wondered if this was Gods will to add one more to the tribe.
Each of you has been touched in a way I will never understand.Each of you has been touched in a way the others will never understand.Each one of these children has grown differently.Some may be taller,weight more,talk more or maybe less.But one thing each of these children share is a bond their parents have.A very special bond that started in April of 2005.
I hope and pray that your time spent together will be filled with laughter.Laughter as you watch these little children brought back together again.Seeing how they get along,watching as they are together once again like they were 2 years ago in an orphanage waiting for someone to take them home and love them.
I am sure there may be tears shed to as you reflect on how scared you were with what was ahead for you not only in China but as you got home again.
My prayer is that as you are all together again you focus on the real reason you are celebrate how God has brought such joy into your life with these precious gifts from God.I hope there will be no comparing of look what my child does but instead give thanks that there was some women in China who made a decision to give a child a chance for a better life.
God bless each and every one of you.May you all have safe travel and post lots of pictures.Write lots of blogs and give all the praise to God for your time together.
True Mr.Brian not being there may take some of the fun away but if I showed up all you women would blow off your husband and kids to be around me... and I just do not think I could handle that many young ladies at one time.
God bless and be safe.


Verna said...

What a touching post. I think Becky may have confided a few things in you OR maybe you are just the sensitive guy my sister needs ;) At any rate thanks for your post. Believe it or not, I got a tear in my eye.

Beckyb said...

You know, I didn't tell him anything EXCEPT that it will be fun to see all the little ones together -how they've grown, etc.....hmmm, this guy is perceptive!!!! :) Thanks Mr. Brian - it should be a great time - just to sit and chat and watch the kids play together!!

The Shocks said...

That was a very nice post, Mr. Brian. Sounds like Verna has someone in mind for you. :) said...

What a lovely sweet post Mr. Brian.

Steffie B. said...

I'm just sitting here at my computer.....smiling! ;) That was a very touching post that you did especially for our group! It will be wonderful to see the girls together again. They have a bond...they may not remember it, but we as the parents feel it. I only wish I knew more about their time together in Pingjiang....something I think we all do. I'm just so thankful for this time truly is the highlight of my summer! ;)

redmaryjanes said...

I hope they have a wonderful time too. I know three of the ladies and they are best!