Saturday, June 2, 2007

No much happening.

It is with deep regrets that I do not have anything exciting to blog about today.Now that i am not at the nursing home my life has become a little less thrilling.
I have had a good time checking out other blogs and there have been some very funny ones this week.Becky's phone chat with the kids was very cute.I am thinking her kids are growing up way to fast.For those of you who do not know the kids personaly,you are missing out!!!The boys are the most well behaved polite young men.I am sure Becky may not always agree but trust me they are.And of course Chloe steals everyone's heart.She knows just how to turn on the charm and get everyone's attetion.
I would dare bet she has her daddy wrapped tight around her fingure.
Then there is Steffie.What can I say folks,she never stops shocking me.She has a way of writting that makes you want to read on for hours on end.Her quick witt and straight forward humor get me laughing often.Her Sopia tryin to say"bridge"post was one of the best I've ever read.However I can not think of to many mommies who would actualy video tape their child saying a bad word.What a cool mom.Well I think my mom and dad would have too.I am seeing a new side to Steffie that I truely love..... N A U G H T Y !!!!!!Any naughty blogger will soon win me over.Becky gets that way too I just need to encourage her more.
I do not want any of you to think I am leaving you out.All your blogs are great in their own way.
Kris,you so often get me thinking and I end up getting the vapors (crying).You have such a passion for your work in the health field it amazes me.Seeing how you have a personal relationship with so many patients shows what a special person you are.You are so open about your broken heart, I just hope each day it heals a little more.
So everyone,keep those post updated you just never know when I may pop in to see what you are up to.
Oh I cannot forget Emmie.For such a young girl she is wise beyond her years.So kind and careing.She posts a smart card Sunday that gets you thinking. Often it was just what I needed to hear at that time.I am just waiting for a little of her mom to show up in her blogs.Unless she is sweet and inocent like her dad.LOLOLOL
Have a great weekend and week ahead.
And my thought for today is...
Man who fart in church sit in pew.


cougchick said...

I love your thought for the day. Hilarious!
Have a great weekend.

Emmie said...

oo thanks Mr. Brian! I love your blog as well as you always give me a great laugh! Love your thought of the

Roy and Lori said...

You are something else Mr. Brian!
Thanks for the laugh!

Beckyb said...

You are like a regular old Confusius over there!!!!

Dannye said...

sooo glad to finally check out your blog....i've seen your comments on Emmie's blog frequently (or her mention of you in her Blog....)!!! thanks for sharing your stories with us too!!