Friday, June 8, 2007

It's time to rest.

No this is not my dog,but I think the picture says it all.....I am ready to sleep in and get some rest.I love the 12 hour shifts but by the weekend the early mornings get to you.

I've been tagged by The Seventh Diamond so here it goes.
4 facts about me,
1.I have never lived in any other town.
2.I am the youngest of 3 children and the only boy.(yes I was spoiled by my big sisters.)
3.I HATED school.
4.I have never had a speeding ticket.(Hope i did not jinx myself now).

4 habits I have.
1 I talk to myself all the time.
2.I seldom sit at the dinning room table to eat,almost always in front of the TV.
3.I bite my nails.
4.I snack when I get up to go to the bathroom during the night.

4 things I discovered in the last 4 years.
1.Job changes can be a good thing.Steping out of your compfort zone is too.
2.Having friends praying for you is a GREAT thing.
3.Spending time with the elderly in the nursing home and helping them in their final days before they are called home can be very rewarding.Getting to talk to them about the wonderful place they are going makes it even better.
4.Becky B and I stink at playing card games.

4 things I want to try or do in the next 4 years.
1.lose weight to get so I feel good again.(exercise more.)
2.Become more faithful with my devotions.
3.Build a deck on the side of my house.
4.Be alive.

Now you know a little more about me.Hope non was to shocking.LOLOL!

I now tag And Chloe makes six,Beckering tribe,Sister 2 sister and Dumpling three.
Don't let me down young ladies,if I can do this so can you.(Key word was young)
Have a great weekend everyone and may God bless each and everyone of you is a very special way.


Steffie B. said... week.....No speeding tickets?????.....don't even ask me how many! lol Oh yeah...and I talk to myself too...that's why I like you so much. Your wierd like me! ;)

Beckyb said...

Ok - SOMEONE is NOT funny - I don't stink at card games - I just want everyone else to feel good about their card playing abilities!!! I LET them win!!! :) (Or at least we'll let them think that anyway!!!)

redmaryjanes said...

Hey there! I love your answers. I can't believe you have always lived in the same town. I think that is wonderful, you have deep roots. I am proud of you for taking on your new job. said...

There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself. I do it all the time and most think I'm normal. Well, ...maybe not so normal.

Speeding tickets. Umm, the state of Virginia says if I get one more they are coming to my house and taking my license! My husband says if that happens he's gonna be real mad if he has to cart my daisy arse around. I've always said I needed a driver.


p.s. what town again? my memory...