Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stupid moment #2385945732

Mr.Brian was VERY mad at himself Friday morning.

I did my regular routine,shower,2 cups of coffee,get my lunch ready and leave for work a little after 3:30 a.m.My drive is not long at all compared to what I know many in the city drive and the traffic is not bumper to bumper.Anyway I arived at work on time to prepare for the days work,excited it was the weekend coming up.Nothing planned but it is a weekend.I parked my car and started walking to the building......Oh shucks (not my real words) i forgot my keys to get into the building.And I was going to be the only one there for at least an hour.So back in the car I got and started for home.I called the one of the gals I work with and asked her to come early because I was a fool and was headed back to my home.

True it is only about a 15 minute 12 mile drive,but when you HAVE to get things done to open for the patients it was not a good thing.

Mr.Brian may have speeded some??? ok lots ..but I was back in about 20 minutes and all was well.

I now have an extra set of keys I am keeping in my car.


Have a great weekend and be safe........


Steffie B. said...

you have a great weekend too....and you are so lying on your test score! lol

kris said...

I've done that with my stethescope and my badge SO many times... now I leave everything in a locker at work (thank God!). I love the title to your post, very funny :O)

redmaryjanes said...

I do stuff like that all of the time!
You have a great weekend too!

Verna said...

I have called my husband at work to find out if he knows where I put MY keys. I'm right there with ya. You have a great weekend too.
PS Are you coming to Nashville with the Bilby's?? Just pretend you are their 4th son. said...

I did the very same thing today. I took dh's car and my key to my office was in my car. I realized this after I left for work and hubby was half way to DC. Thank g-d my boss works next door and was able to let me in.........note to self: must be better prepared.

K1 said...

My friend did something like that. Way back when I was a new cop, I got in a fight with a drunk driver who didn't want to go to jail. He went to jail, but I went to the hospital for a few days with a concussion and a broken/ dislocated ankle.

Another (new) officer came to visit me. While we were talking, I noticed that their holster was empty. Officers had been visiting me round the clock and they all had their guns, so I knew it wasn't hospital policy to make them be locked up somewhere. I asked where the gun was. The officer reached down in disbelief and felt the empty holster and realized the gun was still at the jail, where it had been locked up while they were booking in a prisoner. Needless to say, that visit ended immediately!!

crazylady said...

You'd be so dead if my machines weren't primed. I can string tubing faster than you can fart.
I strip too. Nice.