Friday, June 15, 2007

Do any of you have an answer??????

I've seemed to have lost my huge black book (unlike many who have a little one mine is big),so I am a little bored tonight.Friday evening and I am doing laundry how sad is that.If I find my black book I am sure I would be busy.N O T!!!!Yeah like my phone rings off the hook with women calling me.The only calls I get lately are from some stupid recorded message asking me to vote for some person I've never even heard of.Does any one else think it is starting WAY WAY to early??????
Maybe if women saw me in my spedo the phone would be ringing non stop....In my dreams!!!
Ok enough of the crazy talking.Now my serious question for all of you.
I've noticed like hundreds and hundreds of moths outside the last week or so.Way more then normal.Is there any old wise tale as to why this is?Any old farmers reason for it?I thought maybe it means a dry summer,wet summer.You know all those crazy Fasrmers Almanac type things. If any of you have an answer please let me know.
On Sunday I will post of my day on a house boat all day Saturday.Should be fun!!!!!
Yes I'll remember my sun screen>
Have a Super duper wonderful safe weekend.Be good and be safe,well at least be safe.

2 comments: said...

Moths make my skin crawl. But hot men in speedos makes me smile...

Lady L said...

Mr. Brian, here is the answer to what our moth infestation is all about.
It is the Western Bean Cutworm Moth.
Check out the following web site for more information and a matching picture.