Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunday thought.

So easy to say we will do.
Not so easy to do.
I know I need to work on loving the unlovable.
I am sure we could all name a person who has wronged us,hurt us,upset us,or just plain is unlikeable.
Let today be the day when we forgive and forget.
I was invited to my former bosses place for a birthday celebration Saturday evening and I declined.Declined because I was still feeling angry from when we worked at the Dialysis Center.I look back now and ask was I being childish? Is it time I let go and get over it.I passed up a chance to be with other friends as well,all because of my pride.
I often think it is a good thing we are not God because we do not forgive like he forgives us.I say we I mean me.It just seems better if I assume all of you are like me and find it hard to forgive.
So with the start of a new week ,I will work on forgiveness like God forgives me.
Ohhhh as I began this post I thought it was so good,now I question if I can forgive and forget.
But with the grace of God I can and will.
Tonight as I say my prayers I will ask God to help me to forgive,like he forgave me.My prayer will be that all of us can do this.
Good Luck to all of us!!!!
May I also ask for prayer for my parents.They are getting ready to move and just need to feel good about it.45 years in one house is hard to leave.Also pray that God provides a buyer soon too.


Whitty's Four said...

It is pretty hard when we feel so hurt. I am right in the middle of the mess at work and it is so fresh and painful. I have 2 weeks left, then I hope I never see them ever again.

How's that for forgiveness?
Karen W

redmaryjanes said...

It is hard to forgive when you have been hurt. This is a wonderful Sunday post Mr. Brian.
I will pray for your parents and their home.
I hope all is well with you : )

redmaryjanes said...
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Steffie B. said...

Yes...this can be a very hard thing to do. I know! ;(

When are we going to Kimberley's? ;)

Michelle said...

Oh, my....45 years in one home IS a long time. I will pray for a peaceful transition for them!

Yes, I am right there with you on the forgiveness. It is a constant work and having to remind myself how He forgives me DAILY!! Great post!

Steffie B. said...

Have a wonderful weekend my little stud muffin! ;)