Saturday, April 12, 2008

All time favorites

I do not recall if I had shared this one before but I think it is well worth repeating.
This happened some years back and this lady has since passed away.
I want you to clear your mind and picture these stories,and I hope you find them as funny as I do to this day.
Picture a sweet old lady,very small I would guess around 100 lbs.A very soft spoken women who was never married.Enters Mr.Brian.It was love at first sight.Sadie was crazy about me.Any time I worked she would be ringing her call light.I would go into her room and ask."what do you need Sadie"?And the response was almost always one of two things.1.Where is my call light? (Ummmm I think in your hand since you just rang for me.) Or 2. I want more blankets.
One day she was extra bad at ringing and every time I walked into the room she would have to (THINK) of a reason she rang.After about 3-4 trips into her room in less then 15 minutes I was getting a little frustrated.I finally said to her,"Sadie unless your hair is on fire I do not want you ringing again".Thinking I had solved the problem I continued to do my work.I heard a call light and sure enough it was again Sadie.I went into the room and asked.:Sadie is your hair on fire??????? In a sweet and timid voice she answered YES!!!!!What could I do but laugh.
2.It was Thanksgiving morning and I was working. I went into the room nd wished Sadie a Happy Thanksgiving1 Followed by a question...what are you thankful for my surprise she answered Brian.Beaming and with my chest swelling from pride I called in a coworker to let her hear this as well.I again asked Sadie what are you thankful for, waiting for her to again say Brian in front of my coworker.But Nooooooo what does she say this time..... my call light.Eggo deflated I asked again waiting for her to say Brian this time.But again nooo, this time it was Jesus.(Good answer but I was still let down. Oh well that is how it goes.
3. And an all time great one.
Sadie was in the dinning room eating her noon meal.She had no sooner had the food placed in front of her then she was asking to return to her room.Trying my best to get her to eat I kept encouraging her to eat.With no luck and continued repeats of "take me to my room" I finally agreed I would.I told her as soon as your milk is gone I will take you to your room.So Sadie lifted her glass threw the milk over her shoulder and onto the floor.Put the glass down and said "take me to my room".
The charge nurse looked at her and said Sadie if you were my granddaughter I would send you to your room.To what I replied....Ummm I think that is what she wants....
Yes Sadie was one of a kind.She would rub my face smile at me and ask me to read scripture to her.She touched my heart and I think I was her last love.
It has been several years since she has passed away,but I still have fond memories of her.


Rony said...

Mr. B. That by far is the sweetest, cutest story I've ever heard. Isn't it funny how they revert back that of a young child! Love it... And I'm glad she had you to love.

nikki said...

Aw, I love it!
Sadie sounded like QUITE a lady.
(love the milk story...yes! Please! someone send me to my room!)

OH MY #6 said...

so sweet.


redmaryjanes said...

Oh my word, I love the milk story!

K1 said...

What precious memories!

Steffie B. said...

that was funny.....sounds like something I might do! lol

Yoli said...

Mr.Brian, you are a sweetheart. I hope we all have the kindness of someone like you.

Steffie B. said...

Hope you are having a good week! ;)