Monday, April 28, 2008

Dry Spell

STOP!!!!! If you get offended easy read no further, you have been warned!!!

Who would ever think working in a nursing home I would have a dry spell.Now I mean for funny things happening.There is no such thing as a dry spell at work,there is always someone who has had a little accident and needs the bathroom.LOLOL!
I am talking the fun comments,crazy remarks those kinds of things.The things that keep me laughing,keep me smiling,keep me on my toes.
I am having to dig into my memory bank for a few,but I still remember some that have left me speechless.
Hear is an other real funny one.
I have to take you back almost 6 years when I had started the first time.I was walking a very sweet women and we were talking about this and that.Out of the blue she said to me(now remember these are demented folks talking it is not things I normally bring up in conversation with others).
Her, "I guess I got my period again! I thought I was done with that but I was wrong."
Me,"Excuse me???? What did you say?"( I have since learned do not have all things repeated)
Her,"I thought I was done with my period but the girls said that they just changed my pad, so I guess I was wrong, I am still getting my period."
Now take into consideration I am a fairly new worker and still a little shy there.Also consider having a 90 year old lady talking about her period.I think the co-worker with me almost fell over laughing and I almost wet myself from laughter and embarrassment.
Kids and old people...... you never know what they are going to say!!!!!!


OH MY #6 said...

too, too, funny! Gosh I love your stories!


The Shocks said...

ok, I was laughing. Greg asked me if I was ok. That is funny.

redmaryjanes said...

Well, good for her for believing that maybe the fountain of youth was shining on her.

Carol said...

If I'm still dealing with that in my 80's please shoot me! LOL!!