Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Speaking from the heart

I know why God brought me back to the nursing home,it has been made very clear to me over the past few days.

As I cared for a second resident today who is about to be called to her HEAVENLY HOME, it was so clear to me.This is where God wants me to use my gifts he has given me.What great satisfaction I get knowing that I can care for someone in their final stage of life and make it as peaceful as I can.
Last weekend I sat on the edge of a bed singing to a resident as her son was rushing around our small town looking for his dad.Rushing to find the husband as his wife was suddenly failing and ready to be called home.I was so happy to be able to sing hymns to this lady so she knew someone was at her side.Once the family was there I just lent a listening ear,a smile and just made it known I was there if needed.

Today as I was caring for yet one more person about to be called home,I saw God at work again, this time I had to step out of the room as tears filled my eyes.As a granddaughter/nurse helped me reposition her this fragile lady opened her eyes wide.
In a loud Mr.Brian voice I told her that her Granddaughter Lisa was now here as well.
She opened her eyes wide looked around the room and smiled.As her family was standing by he side saying hi mom it is (insert names) the son said hi mom it's (name).She reached up gave him a hug and kiss and just said GOOD BYE. This was about the only response she had all day.I looked at the family and said I'll leave you alone, and let you talk to her.A while later the grand daughter came out and asked for something.I found it and returned to the room.While I was in there I said my goodbye's.I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said You are going to a wonderful place.There will be no more pain for you,no more problems and you will be so happy.I then added and you will no longer have to listen to a bossy guy like me tell you to eat.She looked at me smiled and nodded her head.
I have no idea if she will be there in the morning or if she will have been called to a new and better place.
One thing I do know are the rewards for knowing I made a difference are priceless.
I truly feel that I am making a difference in a persons life again.
It is so neat to know what a great place these people are waiting to go to.No more pain, no more fighting for breath.They will be welcomed by many who love them.What greater gift could you ask for.
May you be as blessed as I have been.
God's Blessings,


Steffie B. said...

Oh you are making a difference...there isno doubt in my mind that this is your calling and your gift from God....embrace it and use your talents He has given you! ;)

I'm hoping to come to Iowa this summer....and you my friend are on the schedule....Becky and I will be talking about it when she gets back fromt ehis next conference.

I wanted to come during Tulip Festival but I guess she and Joe are going to be gone....

Have a wonderful day!

OH MY #6 said...

Oh my word. what an awesome gift you have been given.


~Amy~ said...

Awesome work by the big man...He truly is using in a great way! :)

redmaryjanes said...

Absolutely beautiful Mr. Brian. And nothing could be more valuable or more noble than to comfort someone and their family in their final hours.

Kim & Jeff said...

Mr. B - you are right where you belong. You are using the gifts that god has given you to make their lives better just by knowing you.

Thanks for being you :)

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Mr. Brian...you are truly a gift to these people as they leave this world and enter God's arms. I have watched 3 family members take their last breath in the past year and it was not scary...it was a blessing. There was a nurse that reached out to me during my father's death and I will never forget her. I'm sure this is how you touch the lives of those losing their loved ones. God bless you for what you do and for having such a loving attitude about it!!!