Thursday, July 26, 2007

The olden days.

I've been thinking back to days of when I was a young child.Yes I know it has been a very very long time ago. And as you read this post you may realize just how long ago it truely was.
See how many you can remember for yourself (if any). After all I am 47 years old.

1.I remember getting our first colar TV.
2. I remember getting a window air conditioner and later central air.
3. I remember gas being maybe around 35 cents a gallon.( filling up a gas can for the lawn mower was cheap back then).
4. Paying $3.00 to go to a movie.
5. Charmin toilet tisue being on sale for 89 cents for a four roll pack.
6. Candy bars were a quarter.
7. A gallon of milk was $1.29.
8. TV shows were funny and not all the sex talk going on.
9. TV dinners were in metal trays and only coked in the oven.(No microwave back
then either.
10.You had no cares or worries because you were a child.Life was great and you did not have to pay bills or worry about $$$$$$$$$$.
OHHHHHHHHH the good old days. But in all honesty I would not change a thing about it. Guess I am older then dirt as I reads this.
What is the biggest change you remember from your growing up years?????
I just filled my car with gas $2.99.9 a gallon,but I guess it beats walking 15 miles one way to work.
Hope all feel a little older after reading this post I know I do.
Happy day to you all.


K1 said...

I remember when Disney changed the name of their show from "The Wonderful World of Color" to "The Wonderful World of Disney" after color TV's became more common. Remember the peacock with the tailfeathers that changed color?

The biggest change would have to be those in the telecommunications/technology arenas. Who would have thought computers would be the size of a deck of cards (or smaller) and be portable? Cell phones? Text messaging? Hi-speed cable? DSL?

Verna said...

Do you remember the first car phones? They were the size of a shoe box!! OK, not that big but huge compared to today's models.

Mr.Brian said...

No I am getting spam mail on my blog too.What next.good thing for delete buttons.

redmaryjanes said...

I remember the drive-in. There aren't many left now.

K1 said...

I remember being able to leave the house in the morning on my bike and coming home in time for dinner and not having to worry about being kidnapped or hurt or killed or exposed to drugs or drinking or any of the other social 'landmines' children of today have to tiptoe around.

Beckyb said...

Hey - thought of you today when I got up at 4!!! YES - that's quite something for me!!! You know - I remember rotary phones - how about that?!?! AND Commodore 64's - now THOSE were computers!!!

K1 said...

Rotary phones... I remember PARTY LINES and being able to dial only the last four numbers to make your call.

Phone BOOTHS with 5 cent phone calls. 25 cents for long distance.


Campbell's Tomato Soup 10 cents a can... 3 cents on sale

Pinball games... 10 cents per game, or 3 games for a quarter

Verna said...

Remember when the snow drifts of winter were as tall as we were. Oh yeah, that happened just last winter for you . . . tee hee.

Steffie B. said... are old! I'm just a young pup compared to you! lol

Steffie B. said...

Oh shucks Mr. Brian.....your making me have the vapors too! ;)

Kim said...

you'r not old!!! I remember all that and I am 36 so what does that make me? I refuse to feel old :)

Do you remember real Coke? It came in little glass bottles in those big red box fridges that you opened the door and pulled the sodas out and popped the tops...and collected the tops to make cool jewelry with...or just stuck them into your skin to see the crimpled circles that they left behind.

and cokes were only what .5? or .25 and you got .10 back if you turned in the bottles?

Can I link to your blog???