Friday, July 6, 2007

I normally try not to complain about the weather to much,(well maybe I do more then I think),but in case you ever wondered I DO NOT DO HOT WEATHER.Granted, it is not like it is in Vegas or Death Valley Cal. but I think lower 90's is to hot.Tomorrow (Saturday)they are predicting upper 90's.

Here in the mid west we also have to deal with humidity as well.People will often say it's not the heat it's the humidity.Wrong!!!!!!If it were 25 degrees and humid I would not complain.Well OK maybe I would about something then too.

So folks it's hot and it's going to stay that way for a while yet.Sounds like everyone is dealing with the heat.I just better be thankful for the a/c.

I just feel sorry for those who work construction or other jobs that has them in the heat all day.I better be happy I work in an air conditioned place.Or maybe the patients should be thankful.Cuz a hot Mr.Brian is a cranky Mr.Brian.Seems I have a blogging buddy that hates heat almost more then I do????

Whom could that be folks.Cast your votes now.Only one vote per person.

Some restrictions may apply.See your local blog queen for details.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!!!!!!


Lady L said...

My vote for the person who doesn't like the heat is Becky B! Snow Queen better describes her.

redmaryjanes said...

Good Morning Mr. B! I prefer low 80's. This 90 degree plus weather is wilting me along with my flowers. I ran the sprinkler most of the day yesterday and it still is brownish out there.

K1 said...


Here in Seattle, 80 is considered hot! I think we made national news when we hit 90+ degrees three days in one week last year.

It is supposed to be HOT here (upper 80's, maybe 90) all this week. But, we don't have the humidity like you have.

I lived in MI for the first 28 years of my life before "running away from home" to the West coast 18 years ago. I remember the humidity in the summer. No Thank You! A/C was a great invention. said...

I love the hot weather! The hotter the better. Seriously... I'm sorry you don't like the hot weather. I really would rather be at the beach though.

Verna said...

Yep, it's gotta be Becky. She was not outside much in TN. In her defense, it was mighty hot and us pale northerners can't take it. Of course, Stef was out there absorbing all she could and David kept teasing us light ones. Something about ghosts. You will have to meet David some day. He is the only one that tops Stef for craziness and teasing. But I digress. Lovin' my A/C in MN!!!

Steffie B. said...'s Becky! POSITIVE! But in her defense....the poor gal burns so badly! We had a great time at the reunion....I've been a little depressed today....I could sooooo live by all of them. It was terrible saying good-bye...seeing the girls was pure joy. And I have NO IDEA what Verna is talking about "Me" being crazy?!?!?!? Hubby...well yeah... he is a man....(sorry)....but "Me"? lol

Emmie said...

Sounds like you and Becky have something in common! lol! Do you burn like she does?

I'm not a big fan of the 100 degree weather either! :(

The Shocks said...

My vote is also Becky. I don't remember seeing her outside much at the reunion.

I prefer the heat over the cold.

Oh, and about David, I don't think crazy really describes him.

K1 said...

Did you melt??

We are here! A record setting temperature called for today, somewhere between 96 and 100 degrees.


Am using the 'summer car' for sure this week!

crazylady said...

Just like living in your own personal hell.

Beckyb said...

That's me - THE NOT HOT MAMA!!!!