Monday, July 16, 2007

Horrible day.

OK folks if this is the worst day I ever have at work that is just fine with me.We had 2 of our full time employees on vacation today so it was a casual nurse who has been there about 1 month longer then I have (me it has been just shy of 3 months)myself and the boss.Normaly working with 3 has been ok in the past however sine it was two green horns and the boss it was not fun.
Plus some person (not to point fingures at the boss) decided to have some of the people come in early today as well.
Let me tell you by the end of my 13 1/2 hour day I was ready to go home.
Good thing I had been praying for god to be with us today or the day would have realy been a bummer.
We were about 45 minutes behind getting people hooked up for the second shift.Only because any thing that could have gone wrong early on did today.
Oh well all's well that ends well.I am able to blog about it so I guess I did survive.
After maybe a 15-20 minute break all day I am tired and have a sore back but that may also be because I am older then almost all of you who are reading this.
Better days ahed.If nothing else I learned stress management.Smile and stay happy and the parients stay happy too.Almost all of them were very understanding and encouraging.
Hope all of you have a great week. i know I will as it can only get better.LOLOLOL


Beckyb said...

Man, do I ever hear you - good thing it's my last week of Summer Reading or you may have had to put me in the looney bin!!!

K1 said...

I've had days like that....think WTO in November-December '99.

Relax the rest of the day, read some blogs and a good suspense novel.

Katiepalooza will be fun. Consider coming out for it.

redmaryjanes said...

Hang in there. It's never easy when the people you are used to relying on for help and coaching leave for vacation.
Keep your chin up!

Steffie B. said...

I thinking a nice cold brewski might do the trick! ;0 said...

I've been experiencing this as well. Extreme anxiety.... Hang in there Mr. Brian.

cougchick said...

been there.done that. nothing worse than those dialysis patients staring you down when the turn over goes awry. Keep your nose up!