Friday, July 20, 2007

Before I tell you one of my embarrassing moments with my dad I must tell you what I witnessed tonight.
There is a family that lives across the street and around the corner from me with I swear 10 kids in that house.I think there are two families living in the house and maybe a boyfriend there too.Anyway tonight like many nights the three youngest kids maybe like 3 or 4 - about 6 years were running up and down the street (yes street not sidewalks,two one bikes one of foot) they ended up at least 3 blocks from my place and an extra 1/2 block to there house from mine.No one watching them again.Tonight I had had enough. I called the police reported it to them and let them take care of it.The police did go directly over there. I hope there is some DHS worker who gets a call to.These kids need supervision!!!!!!OK so enough of my rough grouchy side. Now a funny story from my younger years.
Picture it a teenager maybe 20ish going to the mall with your parents.No problem I enjoyed my parents and they were not old fuddy dud dies.I still enjoy them too.
Anyway I needed to go to Target and look for some cheap work shirts or jeans.Mom went off on her own and dad and I go to Target.Fine a little time with dad always a good thing too. After I found what i was looking for I started cutting through the store to head for the check out and pay for my items.As I was cutting I was cutting through the women's underwear and bra area.Not thinking anything of it until.....I hear in a very loud voice behind me.OH Brian I can't look I am soooo embarrassed.Why are you taking me through here,Oh please don't look Oh I am embarrassed.On and on he went.If ever I wanted to crawl in a hole it was then.Yes dad loved and still loves to tease and embarrass his family.
I almost started running to the checkout saying... dad shut up!! Stop it!!! Dad please!!!!
It has been many many years ago but we still laugh and he still asks me if I want to go shopping with him.And I still answer NO!!!!!!
My mom has learned to just walk away and let him get in trouble all alone.
So parents it is your duty to embarrass your kids as often as you can.
So tell us what have you done to embarrass your kids???
Steffie I bet you have some good ones to tell!!!
Happy weekend all.


The Shocks said...

It sounds like you get your sense of humor from him. I dad loved to embarrass me with my boyfriends. If I was expecting a phone call he would answer "Joe's Bar" or if it was say Tim calling he would say "Oh, is this Joe." Parents.

Anonymous said...
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I plan on doing this with my girls. Actually have already started...

What's up with the knicks dude?

Salome's Mom said...

I love the story, you are a funny man.


redmaryjanes said...

Mr. Brian,
Where have you been, don't you know that there is a party at my pad with lots of fun ladies???

Verna said...

Mr Brian,
The dog is Spanial Lab cross. I think cocker and black lab cuz when I did a web search on that cross, I got Spanador and it looked like Ginger.
Not gonna share embarrassing moments. My blog would overflow

Steffie B. said...

Hmmmm...let me think.... ;)