Friday, July 27, 2007

Yep I was a sucker

Thanks to Steffie and her heart warming post about her good deed she did for a person,I had to share this.
First before I do I must say a few other things.Steffie, after a totally rotten day at work you brought tears to my eyes with you kind deed.To think you took the time to give a person who may have been down on his luck, maybe ready to give up all hope, some cash warms my heart and makes me all teary eyed even as I write this.You will never know what it may have meant to him. I remember when I was laid off from my job I had done for almost 20 years.I had no idea what I was gong to do how I would pay all the bills and make a house payment.So many uncertain things lay ahead and I knew God would take care of me but also was fearful of the unknown.
I came home from work on my last day and opened up my mail only to find a card with a gift certificate to the grocery store. Just an unsigned note saying I know you can use this, To this day I have no idea who it was for sure,(thoughts but not positive).How great it made me feel to know someone else cared enough.So Steffie God bless you for making some persons day extra special.He may have been able to feed his family(or buy beer)LOLOLOL.Kidding it truly touched me.
Secondly please say I prayer that I may get a little more self confidence at work. Had a very very bad day at work and things could have turned out worse then they did.Pray that I feel Gods hands working through mine and I may feel his presence.I've been very hard on myself for my booboo today.I actually thought about giving my notice on the spot.However because of a wonderful boss things did improve as the day went on.She and an other coworker were very supportave
Enough of this serious stuff now for the good laugh of the month.
The year 1976. A group of high school students from a small mid western town who were as trusting and clueless as can be.Now place these students in Washington D.C. touring all the sites.As these kids are walking down the street they come across a man selling pens.Attached to these pens is a note.I am a deaf mute.This is my means of income to support myself.Now what kind of good Midwestern boy from a small town would not give maybe 50 cents $1.00 for a needy person. None that I know of, so into my pockets I reach for some money to help this man out.Not only me but others as well.
Later on we see others from our school who were also kind hearted and helped the needy,after all that is what we learned in church and school,help others.
All was well until some of the students saw these deaf men standing around a corner talking to each other and laughing.And when I say talking I mean like you and I would talk to each other.Yep we had been had by some scam.We all had a good laugh and enjoyed telling family about it when we got home too.The worst thing of it all............the pen NEVER WORKED!!!!!!


redmaryjanes said...

I'm still glad that you did it. It did not take away from the person you are that he was a scammer, it took away from him. You gave with a gentle and loving heart.

Anonymous said...

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K1 said...

Bet you hope knicksgrl stays in cali and stops sending you spam, eh?

I agree with RMJ, that you gave reflects on YOUR character. That they scammed reflects on theirs.

K1 said...

BTW, SPD is hiring. No age cap, no college degree required, no needles involved! :)

We ALL make mistakes at work.

Your's didn't involve the accidental discharge of a shotgun, so don't fret about it.

Kim said...

sorry you had a bad day at work. I totally know how you feel...everyone at our regional office probably thinks I'm a goofball after yesterday when I really jacked up an account code on some travel orders and they couldn't figure out how to edit it :P luckily, i'm still in my "I claim ignorance phase" and it was a training experience. When you can learn something from your mistakes its always a plus.

You are a very special person with a good heart - believe in yourself! Don't let anything get you down, with your personality I'm sure the staff and patients you work with think you are a Godsend!

Beckyb said...

You are great at what you do - but remember, we all have a learning curve!!! It just takes time AND you can do it!!! I know the people love you - you are great with people - that is a gift!!

Steffie B. said... are such a sweet man....I'm teary just reading your sweet post.

Someday.....when I fly to Iowa to visit the Bilby Bunch....if I'm allowed do hope to meet you. Although I am still keep the tulip festival in my mind for next year. I am very Dutch you know! ;)

crazylady said...

unless someone died at work, it doesn't matter. And if they did, it was bound to happen. Dialysis nurses are very forgiving and loving people *hurl*. What did you do? Put a K3 bath on K0 patient?
Don't sweat your boo boo. They'll just pollute themself again.

If I were there I'd give you tight boob squeeze. I'm sure yours are bigger than mine :)
Spare some change? said...

Mr. Brian you were the better person. It's a shame there are scammers out there. It hurts those who do need the assistance.