Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's almost Tulip Festival

Strange as it may seem May is my favorite month of the year.Lilac bushes are blooming,Mothers Day,Collage and High School graduations and Tulip Festival is celebrated in my town.
Yes every year the 3rd Weekend in May our town goes all out for a wonderful celebration of our Dutch Heritage.Now I myself am 100% Dutch and enjoy Tulip Festival to the fullest.Three days of welcoming people to out town and entertaining them from morning to night.
I've been Mr.Information Booth worker for many years now and never get tired of it.I start at about 7:00 a.m.all three days Thursday,Friday and Saturday by attending a meeting to discuss last minute changes and concerns.At 8:00 a.m. with my Dutch Costume on I head down town to go to my first place the Windmill Information Booth. There myself along with about 4 other volunteers (whom myself and one other lady called and got to work. We need about65 people to work a 2 hour shift during the festival.)We answer questions from what time does the parade start to how much does this or that cost to WHERE ARE THE RESTROOMS!!!!!!!!!!If I were paid a quarter each and every time I was asked that question those three days I would be a rich man.
About 12:30 I grab a quick bite to eat.The hard part is deciding what to eat.... a Brat, a foot long,pig in the blanket??? It is three days of spending money on junk food and getting as much of all that stuff as I can.
At 1:00 my Dutch dance partner and I meet and along with about 25-30 other couples perform 6 different dances for our guests.If i have not died from the dancing it is off to get ready for the parade. I get flag carriers as well. We carry 13 flags that represent the 12 provinces of the Netherlands along with their Dutch Flag.After that is done I and many others go through again on the Heritage walk.It is to show how the Dutch would daily sell their goods.You will see a people selling (pretend no real sales) things like flowers,produce wooden shoes,fish.... I could go on and on.
I go again through the evening parade this time only once and only Dutch Dance 1 night as well.
I do three days of this and could not be happier.
Working in the information booth has brought so many interesting questions.
One year a lady started arguing with me about the CHICKEN FIGHTS!!! She wanted to know what time they started.I kindly told her that she must have us confused with some other town she visited,because we never had Chicken Fights at Tulip Festival.She kept insisting I was wrong and she was right.Finally I just said, I guess I just forgot about them, but they decided not to have them this year.Rule 3 39456, never argue with out guest.
My most favorite question is from people calling 3-4 hours away and asking what the weather will do.All I can offer is what the forecast predicts.I always forget my crystal ball at home.
If any of you who read this are within a 3,4or 5 hour drive or if you want to have an extended weekend I encourage you to make the drive to Orange City. check out our web page at WWW/
After the festival I am sure I will have more good stories to share.
Not only would it be fun for the entire family,but you would get to see me Dutch Dance.LOLOLOL
By the way the shoes shown at the top are wooden shoes and I am expected to dance in them.That is when I get crabby because they hurt my feet like crazy.
I would compare it to you ladies wearing a brass braa 3 sizes to small. (Not that I have ever worn a brass bra or any bra as far as that goes.


libgran said...

I love tulip festival time, too..and all the junk food, the guests, the parades, the dancing the tulips (I get to see them no matter what since I'm here before and after tulip festival) It is just the best time and I dont even volunteer to do anything. I just go enjoy. I love the pfortjes especially. I can't wait!

Beckyb said...

ooh - me to - - the Poffertjes are the best part!!! Will you be able to indulge in those this year, libgran!?!?! AND we'll see you there Mr. Brian!!

redmaryjanes said...

Mr. Brian,
I think I know where you live! Hmm..I can't announce it on here. Does the city you live in have the same name as a country?

Emmie said...

I've never been to a tulip festival before but it sure sounds interesting! Especially the part about you doing your Dutch dance. :)

Made in China said...

Every year we trek over to Ottawa to visit the tulip festival. It's always packed with people but I just can't miss it!

Funny story about the wooden shoes, the fertility doctor I used to see ALWAYS wore wooden shoes! He wasn't even Dutch, he was Romanian I think! Anyways, you knew when he was coming because you could hear him clomp clomp down the hallways!

redmaryjanes said...

Ok, so you are not in Michigan. We have a large tulip festival here in Holland, MI which sounds very similar to what you are participating in.

Steffie B. said...

I was in the International Festivals when I was younger....Dutch custom and all.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Pella! Now I live in Good Ol' Marshalltown!

Joel said...

Ooh have too worn a brass bra...

Joel said...

I don't know if I miss those marathon days or not...being in Dutch dance myself, and Dutch Dozen, the marching band, and the night show....whew! BUSY BUSY days!

The Shocks said...

I wish we lived closer. It sounds like fun. We have a Moon Pie Festival down her in the Tennessee. It is in a small town and very crowded. Festivals are fun.