Friday, April 20, 2007

Memories from the nursing home.

One of the worst or scarie things that happend to me during my time at the nursing home happened about 1 year ago.
I was in a residents room one morning getting a resident dressed for the day. Shannon my coworker was also in the room getting the other resident dressed for the day.Now this resident was in very poor health and was on Hospic care.She had a stroke in the past was unable to talk well,swallow food or do much of anything for herself.In fact when she came to us in the nursing home they were suprised she had lived as long as she had following her stroke.
Shannon had asked me to help her with this resident in sitting her up so we could get her into a harness that we used for transfering her(she was unable to bare any weight at all).As we were struggeling to get her sitting up I said to Shannon, "i just wish the good Lord would take her home".I made sure that the resident did not hear me make this comment as that would not be very profesional on my part.(come to think of it saying that was not one of the smarter things I ever did).
Anyway no sooner were the words out of my mouth then this lady turned a horrible ashen grey color and was not breathing. YES she had just died in my arms. I looked at Shannon and said,"Shannon she just died, she is not breathing".Shannon told me to stop that and hold her up better because she was having trouble getting her hooked into the harness.Again I told Shannon she is dead. After looking at her Shannon agreed there was a proble and we called for the nurse.Yes it had happened she was gone.
A most errie feeling came over me then thinking that someone had actualy diesd in my arms and right after I had said the Lord needed to take them home.
I never again said those words like that again. I chose my words carefully and thankfully I never had that happen again. After that I would just say alittle prayer that God will call them home soon.
After seeing so many people struggle in their final days,weeks and months I decided that death was a wonderful thing. I would sometimes talk to the residents about what a wonderful place they were going to go to. How thay would see loved ones again and no longer have pain or suffering.
Yes God did have me at the nursing home for a reason and I know I have grown in many ways from working there.I have learned to be a strenght for family and an ear to listen a shoulder to lean on or just an encourager. Yes God tought me and used me and I will be a better person because of my time there.
Thanks be to God!!!!!


redmaryjanes said...

Well, I finally have a comment from the famous Mr. Brian who posted the VERY BUFF photo on Steffie's blog. How are ya? Thanks for stopping by the seventh diamond. I have read some of your posts before and I just crack up. I can't believe all of the things that happen to you at the nursing home.
Have a great day!

Steffie B. said... always have awesome stories! Thanks for sharing this one with us!

Made in China said...

Wow, that's is such an incredible story. I read once that people don't "let go" because of the people around them. I remember visiting my grandmother in the hospital. She had had several heart attacks and she was in a lot of pain. I remember closing my eyes and telling her (in my mind) I release you - don't hold on for me, it's ok to go if this is your time. I got a call the next morning saying that she had passed away. I never told anyone this, but hearing your story, maybe it's more common than we think.

Steffie B. said...

Good luck tomorrow....I'm thinking about you! Hope it goes well! Let us know!