Thursday, April 5, 2007

Counting down

Well folks I guess there is no turning back now. I've given my notice at the nursing home and acceted the job at the dialysis center.I have so many mixed feelings about this.I feel God has opened a door of great opertunity for me to a wish I have had for a long time.A good paying job good benefits and no weekends.I had been getting the usual burn out from the nursing home.Something that I've been told is very comon.
As is normal I wonder if I am truely doing the right thing.As a friend said to me, Brian this job came to you you did not go looking for it.Very true!!! I need to trust that God opened this door for me and I walked in.He would not lead me in the wrong direction.He is just testing my faith and I need to trust him as I tell others they need to trust in him.Hmmmm I hate it when I have to practice what i preach.
Just please pray that God gives me a calmness and helps me to catch on quickly.Also pray that the 12 hour shifts go smoothly as well.
Above is a picture of the kind of machine I will be running.There are lots of bells and whistles on it but like anything after a while it will be easy to operate.
Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers.I know that Satin is just playing with me filling me with doubt. But I will not let him win.
With any luck I will have some good stories to tell of myself and running the machines.


Beckyb said...

You can do it AND I believe that God did send it your way - you were very faithful in your job and served well - now you can do something else and do it just as well - There, I'm your personal cheerleader.

Steffie B. said...

Congratulations to you Mr. Brian....I'm so happy for you. I have no doubt that you will be excellent at your new job and have several funny stories to tell along the way! ;)

kris said...

Best of luck at your new job!! I think it's wonderful and brave of you (and I've been at the same place for 9 years... I know that burn out!)