Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An end of an other chapter

I had to choose this as a picture because many times it was looney tunes at work.
Today was my last day at the nursing home.I never would have thought walking out would have given me such a sickening feeling as it did. I actually had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as my shift ended. As I swiped the time clock for the last time I was feeling the vapors as my eyes were fighting back some tears.Tears of am I doing the right thing,is this truly what God has planned for me?Maybe it is all wrong maybe i am making a mistake.
Yes this has been playing over and over in my mind. The dreaded what ifs!!!! It amazes me how we can let the negative thoughts eat away at us fill our minds with thoughts of doubt, failure,or just ear of the uncertainty.I know the devil is having a wonderful time with me these past few days and maybe will continue to for a few weeks.There is nothing more he would love then to see me turn and walk away from God's plan for me.
Deep down I know I will do well. As anytime we have a change we are afraid.I know God has opened a wonderful door for me and I must trust in him fully. He is in control and he will be with me through all this. He will be standing at my side watching me and holding me calming me.
I must do as I read on a wise young women's blog...... Yell, O U T !!!! to these negative thoughts. Thanks Emmie that could not have come at a better time.
In 2-3 months I will be writing about my new great job I love but for now I am scared, have doubts and fears.
God will take care of me I know. But a few extra prayers would be nice too.
Thanks for all the support and kind remarks from my days at Sr. Care. The residents there will always be a special part of my life as well.It was an interesting 4 1/2 years.I made many friends. I saw people ready to go home to the lord. I prayed that he would take some home. I even had one lady die in my arms.(that could be a interesting post too).I've cried with families, I laughed with them.God truly did me a favor by letting me care for the elderly. Now he has opened an other door and I must enter.
Good bye my dear residents and thanks for the memories.


Steffie B. said...

Oh Mr. Brian.....you will be fantastic at your new job. Enjoy the next few days.....

Beckyb said...

Think of it as learning something new for the brain to keep away Alzheimer's - you don't want to be one of those people that someone blogs about someday!!! You'll do great!!!

Emmie said...

I'm sure your new job will be wonderful! Just continue to have faith and God will lead you in the right direction!

libgran said...

I know exactly how you felt. I remember HATING my first job here. Chaffed and screamed and stomped at having to be there everyday. I struggled with even believing that God could use even that job. But two years later when I quit for something that suited me so much better I felt so guilty and so conflicted over the whole thing I drove my poor husband to exasperation! It lasted too long, too, even though I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing. Trust your first instincts. It will get better and you will know without a doubt that this was the right thing.

kris said...

Thanks for making me smile... (Scram as my pet snake's name).
Best of luck at your new job.

Anonymous said...

It is hard leaving people you have grown to know and love. I think you will do fantastic at your new job, though...and, someday, that job and the people there will have their own hold on your heart.