Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little kids and old people

I will be the first to admit I am over weight,no arguing that.I have seen pictures of me and it is sad.
The other day at work I was giving showers to residents at work.Now when I am at work I am almost always HOT, and I don't me as in sexy I mean temperature.This day was no exception.Figure 5-6 showers in a small room, in just maybe 3 hours time.Hot water and steam= sweating for Mr.Brian.
As I was giving one man his shower I commented on how warm I was as I wiped sweat from my head and neck.He looked at me and said,well maybe if you weren't so fat you wouldn't be so hot.I looked at him and said, that was not a very nice thing to say.He gave me a look like who cares and said....... well if you don't like hearing that you better lose some weight.
His funeral is Tuesday,died from drowning in the shower.KIDDDDDINGGGGG.I just smiled,shock my head,mumbled under my breath and got him dressed.
Imagine the fun we can have when we get old,say what ever you want to.It should be fun.


k1 said...

Ouch! Sorry

Janet said...

That part about his funeral made me laugh! You have such a great sense of humour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitty's Four said...

I sure like you Brian, and I hate it when people make mean comments to my friends. Being old does does not justify being rude.
I like you just the way you are!!!

k1 said...

Yeah, what Whitty said!

crazylady said...

I can't wait to tell you what I think!
Oh wait, I already do that you hot sexy beast.
You had me at funeral. LOL.

happy girl said...

urs z probably d best blog... thnx fr sharing ur wonderful thots sir..
May God Bless you

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