Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God opened a door.

Last night as I was visiting dad in the hospital and we were talking he said how he felt he was given a second chance at life.He had been told by his doctor that he could have died from as sick as he was.I feel this was a real awakening for him.
When dad opened the door with his comment I jumped at the chance to talk to him.I flat out told him yes you were given a second chance and you need to change.The drinking needs to stop.He did agree with me.I told him how mom had shared that right now he was the man she married years ago.The fun loving happy man.
That was all I said. I was not going to preach,nag or be bossy.(I had done that once getting him to the hospital.)I planted the seed,now I will let him decide.
I hope and pray that maybe by the grace of god this will be the time he decided to change.
For everything there is a reason, and I hope and pray that some good will come from this.
Thanks be to God.


Busy Mama said...

God is good - he will work it all out!! Still praying...

Janet said...

Isn't it amazing how God does that? I am so happy! I hope that this is the beginning of a great change....:-)

Pam said...

Father, thank you for the opportunity for Mr. Brian to be able to talk with his father. We ask that you continue to water the seed that was planted. Your word says that it will not return void. We thank you for this promise. In Jesus name. Amen.