Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Playing Florence Nighengale errr Fred Nightengale

I stopped bye my parents house today after work to say hi and borrow something from dad.I was greeted by a very sick man.Dad was coughing and coughing and sounded like a very sick man.I asked right away what was wrong and he said Ohh I've got this cough.I asked if he had been to the doctor and I knew what the answer would be but asked anyway.I was right a very firm NO was his response.Mom chimed in and said I told him he needed to go but he won't listen.After some more severe coughing that was sounding more like a seal or a dog barking I said, I am calling the clinic and picked up the phone.It was already 4:00 p.m and of course there were no openings , so I was told I could call back in the morning or take him to ER.I hung up and said I am taking you to ER.No argument he went to the bathroom and walked to the car.
When we got there he was saying in a dad voice I am fine and calling me a bossy son for taking him. Long story short, he had a temp of 102 degrees and has pneumonia.
Mom has a Dr.Apt out of town and does not like to drive in the city so I am taking her.Thank goodness for great coworkers who will help out so I can help my parents.
I think I have just had a small dose of what to look forward to as they get older.
I thank my experience working in the nursing home to know when to be a bossy child.

************ An update for Wendsday afternoon,he is now having some serious heart problems and will be seeing a heart specialist on Thursday.I would appreciate prayers please.Also for my mom as her health problems are always a concernas well.*****************

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Janet said...

Good job, Fred! Looks like Dad needed a bossy child this time! :-)