Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thoughts for you

As I think of Mothers Day this year I think it means much more to me.I wonder every year if this will be the last year I have my mom with me.In the back of my mind I always say this may be our last one together.I know with my moms bad heart she will not live to be an old lady.And now I also think of how maybe my dad could be the first to go.I tell myself I will be strong and be strong for my parent who is left alone.
But mostly at mothers day I think of the many many children and adults who are going through their first mothers day without mom.No being able to say one more time how you love them.Knowing that mothers day will never be the same.I think every day should be a day we tell others how much we love them.Be it the second Sunday of May or the third Friday of September,we need to be sure to always tell people we love them.
So to all you moms I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day. To you who are having your first Mothers day without your loved ones I offer this prayer for you.

Heavenly Father I ask that you be with those who are feeling an emptiness this year as they are missing mom or grandma.I pray that today they reflect on the wonderful memories they shared in past years and that those memories bring a smile to their face and a joy in their hearts.Let these memories fill their hearts with joy and put a song in their heart.
May you find great joy in your hearts today and always.

Please continue to lift my parent in prayer as dads heart is still doing funny things and his pneumonia improves.Also for my mom as this is wearing her out as well.


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Thank you Mr. Brian.

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