Thursday, May 14, 2009

The fun begins

Today,Thursday May 14 Begin 3 day of fun, food and lots of visitors.
Our 69th annual Tulip Festival begins. I love,love, love the Tulip Festival.
I work every morning in the information booth,from there I go dutch dance,to carry flags and go through the parade aging pushing the flower cart.(as seen in picture).I think that is my favorite part,after all I scope the crowd for elderly women and offer them a tulip.There is just one catch,they must give me a kiss on the cheek to get it.No kiss,no tulip.
The food, the people did I mention the food. It just does not get any better then this.
For those of you who know Becky, stop by her blog or email her and ask what she does for the festival!!! I hear she hides in her home.
Gotta go, somewhere a person has a question for me.
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