Friday, January 9, 2009

Time of year.

As I have shared in the past I often struggle with depression this time of year.And again this year is no exception.I am happy it is not as bad as in the past,but I still have that feeling of pressure inside of me.That feeling of frustration and just wanting to bury your head under a pillow and forget the world.The feeling of wanting to spend all you time in bed and shut out everyone around you.
However I have learned that does not work.You make yourself do things.You put on that happy front and you make yourself cheerful.And after some time with the help of higher powers you see a glimmer of light.You know better days are ahead.You are thankful for friends who encourage you,pray for and with you.You look around and soon see so many have bigger hurts and pains to bare then you do.So you hold your head up high and you say this too shall pass.And it does.
In a few weeks I will be sharing in church my journey through my struggles and the special gift I received of a friend who never gave up.
A lesson I try (not always easy)to follow.Knowing that despite all the bad we may see in a person some where deep inside a good person is trying to get out.
So please remember you may have a friend,child,spouse, or parent who has a problem that may hurt us,but they are also hurting and there is that good person trying to come out and be a happy person free of what ever their problem is.
I have come to decide even with my dads drinking, there still is a great man ,but he has problems he has yet to address.
May you be as blessed as I have been.


Janet said...

I LOVE your attitude about depression. It can be so debilitating, but you are trusting in God and He is bringing you through. I am so glad of that. Praying for you in your season of darkness. So glad that you see the Light.

k1 said...

Depression is depressing. It bites me every once in a while too.

You have a great attitude towards not letting it become delilitating.

Stay strong. You have strength within you. When it wanes, continue to lean on God and borrow His.