Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thanks to the mystery person who again changed my blog.
I was excited and surprised when I went to it and found a new look.
As always I loved it and it made my day!!!
Thank You mystery women!!!!
Also please be in prayer for our friends the Bilbey's.Joe's father passed away early this morning in Michigan.Pray for safe travel as they head to Michigan and for peace as they say good bye to a loved one.


~verna said...

Well, Mr B, if it weren't for you, I would have no blogs to do at all. Boo Hoo! Kind of missing it these days but still not interested in doing the scrapbook style that is so popular. Guess I just like to be different ;) Happy 2009!!

Janet said...

Your new blog looks SMASHING!

And my prayers go out to the Bilby family.

amy said...

will be praying..the blog looks fabulous

k1 said...

Verna did a great job! As usual.

crazylady said...

Nice wrapper!

Hope you had a bearable New Years.
I could hear you tooting from here in the North. Or was that bad nachos?

Missing you.

day by day said...

Hi Mr. Brian!

Your new blog look is great! My daughter saw the movie you mentioned below and she loved it! Of course, we are dog lovers here. : )

Happy 2009 to you!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Verna did a wonderful job. She is so talented :)

~verna said...

Hey Mr B, how are you doing?? It's been a rough winter here so far. Lots of emotional ups and downs. Hope all is well there or at least getting better. ~v